Thursday, October 7, 2010

Ain't no picnic

We are parents of a big kid in a real school... or so I am reminded every day. Public school is just overwhelming as a first timer. And the parent involvement is no joke. This is a snap shot of what it entails:

- every first wed of the month is PTA
- There are fundraisers for EVERYTHING. This month its selling wrapping paper, candy and fall bulbs
- There is a committee for the school auction, the school carnival, the school garden, and well just about everything
- there are field trips you could chaperone kids to
- there are clubs and gathering on how to raise your kids
- there is even an inter-generational cross country track meet next week (yes your whole family can run!)

Phew... quite honestly its all a bit too overwhelming. And I have decided to sit back and observe this year since I am a very inexperienced public school parent.

So what did I volunteer to do? Well I am managing the scholastic book club for our class (kids and parents order books and the class gets bonus points to get free books and educational products), I volunteered to organize the sewing of a quilt for the class auction(!), and I am attending a discussion group on “raising our daughters and sons takes a village” moderated by Dr. Kathy Maserie. The rest of the time I try not to get noticed.