Thursday, February 28, 2008

Obama Mama Fever

Ok so just like half the population of the country, I am bitten by the Obama bug...! I have been hooked onto CNN, especially Anderson Cooper after Anjali goes to sleep. Poor Ranjeewa must think we've switched roles cause he's usually the one watching Law & Order.

I've been wanting to show my support by getting myself and Anjali Obama T-shirts from his campaign, but everything in our sizes are sold-out! Now that reflects why he raises a MILLION dollars a day... and mostly public support, mind you. So I have been thinking about making our own t-shirts, but haven't quite gotten enough 'get off the couch' enthusiasm with that, besides I might wait till he actually gets the Democratic nomination, so we can proudly wear it till inauguration :-)

The other day I saw this on ebay that says 'Bush makes me cry' ooohhh how cute. Now I want it to say 'Bush makes me cry' and in the back 'Obama makes me smile'. It would be supercute on my Anjali.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Edwina the Emu

This is one of our favorite books with a funny story about a 'shoulda stayed at home Emu mom' (we all know that story huh?)
While we were in Tampa this week we stopped by the Lowry zoo, which was supposed to be the top rated zoo for children; and it really was very child friendly and fun. We made our way to the Wallaroo station with all animals from Australia and Anjali was delighted to see a pair of Emus. She immediately recognized them and called them Edwina and Edward (like in the book). She went close to the fence and shouted "come HERE Edwina" and was yelling "yeek" (the sound they make in the wild I guess) to no response from the birds. They are great big birds who cant fly and apparently cant walk backwards.