Thursday, February 28, 2008

Obama Mama Fever

Ok so just like half the population of the country, I am bitten by the Obama bug...! I have been hooked onto CNN, especially Anderson Cooper after Anjali goes to sleep. Poor Ranjeewa must think we've switched roles cause he's usually the one watching Law & Order.

I've been wanting to show my support by getting myself and Anjali Obama T-shirts from his campaign, but everything in our sizes are sold-out! Now that reflects why he raises a MILLION dollars a day... and mostly public support, mind you. So I have been thinking about making our own t-shirts, but haven't quite gotten enough 'get off the couch' enthusiasm with that, besides I might wait till he actually gets the Democratic nomination, so we can proudly wear it till inauguration :-)

The other day I saw this on ebay that says 'Bush makes me cry' ooohhh how cute. Now I want it to say 'Bush makes me cry' and in the back 'Obama makes me smile'. It would be supercute on my Anjali.

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