Monday, January 26, 2009

Off we go to Mexico!

We leave for the Yucantan peninsula in Mexico tomorrow morning and our family is VERY excited about it.
A much awaited break on a warm sunny beach awaits.
We are staying here and here. One is a cabana on the beach and the other a step above with a pool. In anticipation, Anjali and I did what most girls do... we painted our toes so we can dig them in the warm sand. Cant wait to report on our adventure...

Saturday, January 24, 2009


I have been very bad at keeping a "baby book" for Anjali. But have thousands of photos instead. So this is a note to myself.

Anjali is:
3.5 and 5 days old
asks for "lots of kisses ammi"
still has meltdowns when tired, hungry, overwhelmed
went to the Chinese New Year celebration today (year of the ox)
always wants to be on the stage
refers to herself as the 'brother' sometimes (me think...lack of sibling envy)
plays with "my kids"
breast feeding ...her dolls
excited about her trip to Mexico next week
loves playing with phonetics (like anjali-banjali, pooja-kooja)
sends thaththi to 'jail' when he misbehaves

She will be 18 before I know it... and 13 before that!

Monday, January 19, 2009

The dress-up princess at work

I love this photo. Anjali is all into dress up these days in all kinds of outfits and scraps of cloth, blankets, etc. The costume changes are a little annoying. I dress her up by 8:30 am and at 8:40 she has picked some costume and wants my help putting it on.
Here she noticed me cooking beans and rushed to take over the cooking. She really seems to enjoy it. And the best part is she is more likely to eat any vegetable that SHE cooks.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Koththu Roti

Last night I made Koththu Roti. This is one of those very traditional Sri Lankan dishes we crave for along with hoppers. It came out really good. And here's what I found about Sri Lankans' creativity (or lack there of!) when it comes to this dish.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Christmas Story-Part 3

After months of reading the Nutcracker story, I was planning to surprise Anjali by taking her to the OBT presentation of the ballet. But, we had tickets for December 21 and were unable to leave the house because of the snow and ice. I was VERY disappointed. After quite an ordeal we were able to change our tickets to the 23rd, and ended up getting better seats than I had originally purchased. This was Anjali's first trip to the theater. She was so excited to see the Nutcracker she sat on the edge of her seat for the entire first act! Her favorite was ofcourse the Sugar plum fairy and I got suckered into paying $15 for this photo, or else we were not going home! The Nutcracker story is currently the center of her little life. I will post about her favorite books soon.