Friday, March 21, 2008

Ikea Love

The other week I went to the new Ikea store in Portland for the FIRST time, and Oh, my! I was BLOWN away. I know its considered the WalMart of Europe (and yes everything seems to be made in China), but I was really impressed with the concept and all the cool and affordable stuff. One of the neat things we picked up was a red piggy bank for Anjali. I thought this would be a nice way to introduce her to some fiscal responsibility. But her relationship with the piggy bank was something I didn't expect. She started to baby the piggy bank to the point she lost complete interest in her favorite doll 'manike'. Here she is feeding piggy bank through its nostrils.
And the other day I hear her saying "dont cry, piggy bank; you have to be smart and beautiful and kind". She does get two coins every night from both Ranjeewa and I. Its amusing to see the gleeful expression on her face, and if one of us gives her a coin she makes sure to come and announce it to the other parent before carefully depositing it.

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