Friday, April 11, 2008

Raising an environmentally responsible child

That title is loaded! Well... two years ago (I cant believe that Anjali is going to be 3 this year) a bunch of us in the neighborhood did a book study group called "Healthy Planet, Healthy Child" about raising kids to be environmentally responsible and become stewards of the earth. It was a great experience on many levels: we got to KNOW our neighbors, we realized that most of us had more or less the same philosophy about raising kids (most about the same age), and we were all able to openly discuss our challenges as individuals and parents. The topics in discussion were everything from too much TV, Computer, video games to sustainable food, and family/holiday rituals. The companion book they have is wonderful with great discussion topics. Personally, this experience made me more aware of my influence on the environment as I strive to have a smaller footprint on the world.
I do talk to Anjali about the environment, water conservation and electricity among other topics, but plants have been the easiest since you can see, touch, feel and smell them. So we planted some seeds a few weeks ago and she has been watching them grow with amazement. And I really hope to instill a sense of wonder about the world so she will grow up knowing that its her role to protect her 'other mother'.
P.S: Toilet paper cores make great seed pots, and you can plant them right in the soil since they are biodegradable.

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