Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Gorge Camping and Hiking

Last weekend we went hiking and camping near Hood River. It was Anjali's first true camping experience. Although she enjoyed it, the wind at Memaloose State Park was so strong that we thought our tent might end up in Kansas. I realized why the gorge is so popular for wind surfing! We hiked at Temanewas falls on Saturday and at the Tom McCall Preserve on Sunday with a stop in lazy Mosier, where there is one coffee shop and one restaurants, but a whole bunch of condos for $300K! So we popped in to take a look, but decided we love Hood River a lot more. We continue to dream of owning a Pear orchard and telecommuting to our jobs untill we can retire (in case we lose our crop in a bad year, like this one)!

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