Saturday, January 24, 2009


I have been very bad at keeping a "baby book" for Anjali. But have thousands of photos instead. So this is a note to myself.

Anjali is:
3.5 and 5 days old
asks for "lots of kisses ammi"
still has meltdowns when tired, hungry, overwhelmed
went to the Chinese New Year celebration today (year of the ox)
always wants to be on the stage
refers to herself as the 'brother' sometimes (me think...lack of sibling envy)
plays with "my kids"
breast feeding ...her dolls
excited about her trip to Mexico next week
loves playing with phonetics (like anjali-banjali, pooja-kooja)
sends thaththi to 'jail' when he misbehaves

She will be 18 before I know it... and 13 before that!

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