Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Quilt - Its finally done

Its finally done after mother and grandmothers spent hours on it. Its our Apple Blossom Fairy Quilt. As with many inspirations in our household this one started with a book by Cicely Mary Barker, who will always be the queen of flower fairies. The book was a gift from our lovely friend and doula, so it has special significance. The songs (or poems) are beautiful and very English (British). For example the Wild Rose Fairy song goes:

I am the queen whom everybody knows,
I am the English Rose;
As light and free as any Jenny Wren,

As dear to Englishmen;

As joyous as a Robin Redbreast’s tune,

I scent the air of June;

My buds are rosy as a baby’s cheek;

I have one word to speak,
One word which is my secret and my song,
‘Tis “England, England, England” all day long.

It so happened that one of my favorite fabric designers Micheal Miller produced a series with Cicely Mary Barker's illustrations. I couldn't help but launch on a quilt project for Anjali. Thanks to my mother-in-law for helping me finish it . Its just gorgeous!

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