Tuesday, April 27, 2010


A cleaning her shoes
After having read this article (p.24) in our fabulous FREE Portland Metro Parent magazine, I decided its time to give Anjali some responsibilities. We started off with setting the table, clearing the table after dinner, making the bed and miscellaneous clean up (when Ammi remembers!).
So far its going well. She knows what is expected of her, though she needs some reminding sometimes. At other times she sighs saying "why do I have to do everything".

It really bothers me that "entitle-mania" is rampant in this kid-culture. And its not quite their fault or even a parents because its the passive option. There are a zillion choices of food (mostly with empty calories), toys, gadgets, entertainment, you name it. Its tough as a parent to walk the talk.
The other night after dinner Anjali asked for dessert. Having had dessert two nights in a row during the weekend (with friends) she assumed she was entitled to some on a Monday night. I said no we dont have dessert every night; its an occasional treat. To drive it in further I reminded her that half the kids in the world probably went to bed hungry, let alone with dessert. She got the point.

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