Saturday, November 20, 2010

Slug Bug

There is no escaping a game of "slug bug" when we are in the car these days. This started sometime around the end of summer. At first I had no idea what Anjali was talking about (a sign of things to come) as she was yelling out "slug bug" as we were running errands in the car. Then Ranjeewa brought me up to speed that inhabitants in our car need to call out slug bugs (VW beetle cars) as we see them and accumulate points, of course the one with the most points wins. My observations skills are pathetic, I wont notice if an elephant is sitting on my lap. Anjali and her father, on the other hand are sharp... I mean really. This whole game has gotten so out of hand we cant have a conversation in the car anymore. There are extra points for 'old fashioned' slug bugs, and now includes PT cruisers, smart cars, MDXs and Mini coopers. Anjali can spot any of these cars blocks away and sometime as far away as 10 cars deep on the opposite lane. To add insult to injury the winner sings "I am the champion" (adapted by Freddy Mercury) to the loser. Having felt pity on me for my lack of observation skills, they now 'give away' points to me!

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