Sunday, December 16, 2007

Back to the sewing machine

I LOVE to sew! But dont get as much time to do it as I'd like. But since the arrival of baby Ranesh I've found some excuses to go to the fabulous Fabric Depot (the largest store on the west coast) and ooh and aah at the fabrics. I rekindled my love with a project to sew a rather simple blanket for Ranesh, but while I was there I found more cool fabric and walked away with a bunch of patterns and fabrics to sew for Anjali.

Ranesh's blanket is really cute. I found this fabric called 'Rescue me' with fire engines and police cars, and the the softest micro fleece... I love the luxurious micro fleece available now. The combination looks so great and warm. I also sew them big as the standard crib blanket is really small when kids are beyond about 6 months.I also grabbed some corduroy fabrics to make a skirt for Anjali. I decided to do a three tier with solid red and red cherry print. This was really fun and quite easy. And here it is on my busy model!

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