Sunday, December 16, 2007

Morning routine

We have a pretty standard morning routine. Ranjeewa wakes up first and makes coffee (he and Anjali grind the coffee the night before). I don't wake up till I hear the five beeps of the coffee maker encouraging me to get out of bed. Usually this also wakes up Anjali. We take our coffee and Anjali her milk downstairs. Ranjeewa and I settle down in front of our side by side computers for our routine of reading email, news, weather, horoscope, etc. Anjali has a little play kitchen next to our work areas and lately she's been saying "hey, you guys, do you want some coffee-Chocolate-ice cream?" We think this is a breakfast food because she usually offers this to us in the morning. We have also been saying "we are not "you guys""; we are parents... so she has been saying "hey you guys parents"....! Can't win, but endlessly entertaining :-)

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